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 CertificationBlue Coat Certification


Booking an Exam


When you purchase a seat on a Blue Coat course, the price includes one exam key. One exam key is used each time you attempt the test. On completion of your Blue Coat certification course, please discuss taking the applicable exam with your trainer or a representative of Red Education. We will be happy to facilitate it for you.


All exams are done online through Prometric online testing when you are ready. You will need to log in and create an account for yourself. At the completion of your course, the instructor will give you an exam key for access to the tests.


The Prometric website will guide you through the remainder of the process. Once you receive your certification, it is then valid for 1 year. Your certificate will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the exam.


Should you use the exam key and have not passed the test, you can then purchase more exam keys through Red Education for USD$150 each.



Certification Programs & Requirements


Blue Coat offers two certifications:


Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (BCCPA)


Blue Coat Certified Proxy Professional (BCCPP)




Certification                                          Requirements & Notes



BCCPA                                                    Approx. Questions:            50

                                                                Time Limit:                           2 Hours

                                                                Score required:                   80%



                                                                Topics Covered:                                   


                                                                Blue Coat SG & Firewalls

Blue Coat SG Deployment, Initial Setup and Graphical User Interface (GUI)


                                                                Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

                                                                HTTP Compression

                                                                Authentication Introduction

                                                                Authentication realms

                                                                Policy Management

                                                                Content Filtering

                                                                Managing Downloads, Instant Messaging & Peer-to-Peer Traffic

                                                                Notify User Policy

                                                                Access Logging

                                                                Introduction to Reporter

                                                                Blue Coat AV







BCCPP                                                    Mandatory requirement: successful completion of BCCPA course and exam or Passed the BCCPA Waver Exam (See Below)


                                                                Approx Questions:             50

                                                                Time Limit:                           2 Hours

                                                                Score required:                   80%


                                                                Topics Covered:                                   


                                                                System Architecture

                                                                Content Policy Language (CPL)

                                                                Regular Expressions

                                                                Apparent Data Type

                                                                HTTP Details

                                                                Policy Tracing


                                                                CP Tunneling

                                                                Reverse Proxy

                                                                Two-Way URL Rewrite

                                                                Advanced Reporter

                                                                Access Logging

                                                                Using Authentication in Transparent Proxy Mode

                                                                Understanding & Using Kerberos Authentication

                                                                Substitution Realm

                                                                Windows SSO

                                                                Blue Coat SG Security


                                                                Blue Coat Director

                                                                Spyware Prevention




BCCPA Waiver Exam


It is a prerequisite that each student sit and pass the BCCPA course and exam before sitting the BCPP course.


Blue Coat does understand that some students may have extensive contact with Blue Coat products and would prefer not to enrol in the BCCPA course. For this reason, Blue Coat has developed the BCCPA waiver exam.


These instances are evaluated on a case by case basis and you will need to contact your Red Education Account Manager to initiate this process for you.


The exam can only be administered by Blue Coat and they will grade and email the results to the student directly.


The cost for the exam is USD$250 and will take two hours to complete.

For all enquiries call Australia 1300 65 19 17, New Zealand 0800 44 99 38, Singapore: +65 6635 6407 , India: +91 9892 556 852, China: +86 21 6122 1335, Hong Kong: +852 2824 8796
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